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Welcome to the Home

Welcome to Maison Hartô

Editor of audacious and practical furniture, made for the everyday

Maison Hartô is a safe haven, a peaceful and elegant harbour where we take pleasure in gathering with our people to embrace one another, laugh, love, feast, work, sleep, dance… Where we live, plain and simple, but where we live in style!

It is also a space for creation and collaboration where we conceptualise furniture with character that will become true life companions.

At Maison Hartô, we edit and craft designer furniture – it is the beating heart of this joyous house. Full-bodied, mindful furniture. Pieces that are endearing

Lisincere, and reliable. Like friends who support us on a daily basis.

Furniture for a lifetime.

At Maison Hartô, talented designers and expertly skilled craftsmen work hand-in-hand to create and make furniture that will live by your side.

Seatings, tables and desks, light fixtures, storage spaces or decorative pieces: from the first pencil sketch to the last brush of paint, everything is a matter of style, harmony and confidence.

Hartô manufactures highly technical furniture in Europe. The trademark streamlined-with-a-twist design will move you and beguile you. Furniture that is made to last, both style-wise and quality-wise.

Furniture you can rely on. Furniture to rely on.

Enter without knocking: you are welcome at Hartô