The brand

Hartô is a French furniture editor founded in 2012. We offer a comprehensive range of furniture and decorative objects imagined by talented designers, newcomers and veterans alike, around the world.

By putting forth a design aesthetic characterised by gentle, but confident, lines, Hartô is sharing a vision of simplicity and authenticity through fresh, contemporary creations.

An Hartô piece of furniture is as elegant as it is bold, with impeccable finishes. Expressive furniture made to last, timeless in its design and of irreproachable quality. Furniture you can count on

Attention to detail, a taste for refinement and wonder, a continuous search for harmony, elegance and simplicity, a clever balance of talent and technique are all values that enliven all collaborators and partners who work at Hartô.


Hartô’s furniture collections subtly stand out and hold a special place in our homes: finely crafted furniture featuring simple shapes and seamless lines
sans superfluous frills.

In our view, details are crucial to the design of furniture.

Versatile, alluring and functional, Hartô pieces are known for playing well with other aesthetics in order to smoothly embellish your interior and bring a touch of whimsy.

Hartô’s pieces of furniture benefit from a design that speaks for itself sincerely and with sensitivity. 
Like beacons of elegance in your home, Hartô furniture is eye-catching, compelling, and has the ability to move us…

Marius, Gaston, Gabin, Carmen and many others… Discover Maison Hartô’s collections.